kitchen and bathroom renovations

Granite Transformations and TREND have joined together to create a better way for people to renovate their kitchens and bathrooms.  Meet Granite and TREND Transformations, the smarter way to transform every surface in your home or business. Granite and TREND Transformations combine the expertise, proven craftsmanship and nationwide scale of Granite Transformations with the innovative style and global influences of TREND, a world leader in engineered stone surfaces and mosaic tiles.

While the traditional approach to renovations can leave you without a functional kitchen or bathroom for weeks, Granite and TREND Transformations offer little-to-no demolition. This means your project can be completed in as little as day, resulting in less mess and stress for you. Using our wide range of styles in granite, quartz and recycled glass, you’ll get beautiful results.

Join the more than one million homeowners who have trusted us to renovate their kitchen or bathroom since 1996 and make your home a more beautiful place to live for years to come. Granite and TREND Transformations is ready to make your dream home a reality.

If you’re happy with your existing layout, our service is the ideal way to beautifully remodel and reinvent key areas of your home.  Whether your kitchen is dated, or you fancy a change, there are plenty of good reasons to remodel, rather than start from scratch.

When to choose a kitchen makeover


Whatever your reasons for wanting to transform your kitchen, we can help. Our expert design and installation teams are here to help you get the best out of your makeover. We can save you the disruption, and potentially huge expense, of starting from scratch.

Click on the links to find out how we work or talk to one of our design consultants or visit your nearest kitchen and bathroom Granite showroom today!

As a franchise company, all Granite and TREND Transformations stores are independently owned and operated.  Click here to learn more about starting your own Granite or TREND Transformations franchise.