The Alan Titchmarsh Show - Worktops Featured In DIY Masterclass

With the UK housing market continuing to stagnate and property sales running at less than half previous rates, there has been an understandable rise in interest in home improvement., as people choose to ‘improve not move’. To satisfy this need for helpful consumer advice, ITV1’s popular The Alan Titchmarsh Show runs a regular DIY masterclass segment during the programme.

In one masterclass, top designer Julia Kendell provided tips on inexpensive kitchen makeovers, using Granite Transformations’ materials. Julia had used our worktops on the BBC’s flagship renovation programme, DIY SOS, and recommended them to the daytime talk show’s producers for this practical demo.

Introducing the item with ‘thinking about a new kitchen, but can’t be bothered with all the hassle and can’t afford a total overhaul’, host Alan demonstrated how a facelift could be achieved for half the cost ‘and a good deal less than half the mess’. Julia then pointed out that the kitchen was the most expensive room to upgrade and that people had an emotional attachment to the existing layout, suggesting instead replacement doors and worktops. Both commented on Granite Transformations’ slimline composite material and its very tactile finish.