Eco Friendly and Sustainability

“Enhance the worlds surfaces with natural, timeless and sustainable beauty”

Renovating kitchens and bathrooms does not have to have a negative impact on the environment.  Our ethos at Granite & TREND Transformations is ‘to enhance the worlds surfaces with natural, timeless and sustainable beauty and this is reflected in everything we do.

Our etherium® By E-stone surfaces are made from up to 72% recycled material and there is synergy between our slab and mosaic manufacturing processes, with rejects from our glass mosaic production crushed and reutilised in our agglomerate mixes. We are pioneers in the use of post-consumer recycled glass, from colour-sorted roadside waste collections.

The inspiration for this came from visits to our favourite Belgian restaurant in Miami, the premier spot for tasting a large variety of beers. The way each beer was described, the glasses and the colour of the Belgian beer bottles became the catalyst for us to look seriously at using recycled bottles as a raw material for our slab.


Surprisingly, only a quarter of all glass is recycled around the world. But we do it because if we can make stunning colours using recycled glass, then why not? It makes us feel better. Especially as for every 2,000lbs (900 kilos) of recovered glass we use, rather than virgin material, we reduce carbon emissions by 750lbs (341 kilos). We use 7½ million pounds of recycled glass each year, enough to cut our carbon emissions by 2.5 million pounds (1,118 metric tonnes).

So drink responsibly, but do drink, because we need the glass. We also employ roughly 1.6 million lbs (714 tonnes) of recycled porcelain each year, 4.6 million lbs (2,053 tonnes) of post-industrial recycled clear glass from sources like headlamp production, 1.2 million lbs (535 tonnes) of recycled mirror, and 2.9 million lbs (1,294 tonnes) of our own reject glass mosaic.

Recycling makes sense


It is estimated that 70% of quarry output is not suitable for actual stone slab. That’s only three blocks out of ten considered suitable for architectural and residential use. So we use recycled
quarry waste, or spoil, as key granite and quartz ingredients in our etherium® By E-stone surfaces. Also our unique production process yields further raw material savings, using at least 30% less than 0.3cm thick engineered stone and 70% less than 1.9cm slab, produced using the Breton system.

Our E-Stone plant has also lowered the amount of waste and downgraded material produced during manufacture by 22% and reduced the emission of pollutants by more than 20%. Close to E-Stone, the St Lucie River and the waters of Lake Okeechobee, Miami’s inshore sea, are regarded as an ‘ecological jewel’ and we plan to keep them that way. Our technology allows us to reuse and recycle 99.8% of all the water we use from these local resources. We are able to use our energy, raw materials and natural resources extremely efficiently, needing 3 to 5 times less than any other rival company.

But it’s not just our production process that is environmentally sound; our etherium® By E-stone surface is lighter and thinner, which is less expensive to ship and store, with fewer manual handling problems and less need for substantial underpinnings. Our unique installation method allows us to re-utilise existing structures and re-surface existing spaces. More than 22 million lbs (9,821 tonnes) of waste is diverted from landfill annually because of our system. And the thing is, we don’t do it to change people’s minds about recycling, but because it makes sense.

Environmentally friendly products and process!

Our luxurious finishing surfaces, together with the whole concept of refacing rather than replacing kitchen and bathroom fittings, represent the very essence of ‘green’ thinking. Our use of sustainable raw materials, energy- and resource-efficient production methods, and our highly distinctive installation techniques enable genuine savings on the earth’s valuable resources, every step of the way. So with Granite & TREND Transformations, you not only save money on makeovers, you help save the planet too.

The Process

There are a series of methods we use to make our kitchen and bathroom products sustainable:

The Perfection

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