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Dip into new bathroom trends

The modern bathroom has become a destination. The place where we bathe and beautify ourselves, has been turned into a thing of beauty itself. From clever accessories and free-standing furniture, to statement colour and dramatic metals, here are the latest trends that can give you a powder room to be proud of.

Beyond the pale

Now’s the time to give your bathroom a more colourful personality with accent brights and louder shades. Forget pastels and avocado, add a feeling of luxury and confidence with a deeper and richer palette. Discover indigo, or go vibrant with scarlet.

Welcome matt

Gloss continues to be the go-to option for smaller bathrooms because of its light-reflecting abilities, but matt is proving popular for larger, family bathrooms. Fingermarks don’t show as much on this lower maintenance finish, and softer, muted tones compliment a natural wood and stone look.

Keep tiles in the mix

Blocks of coloured tiles are one way to make a statement, and this trend is still on the rise. If you want a more subtle approach, you can use different tile designs or shapes in the same colour instead. Try large hexagons on the main walls, with smaller ones, or mosaics, on bath surrounds — or as shower splashbacks.

Jungle styling

Take cupboard doors or splashbacks in a wood finish and combine them with living plants and multiple shades of green for a tropical glasshouse escape. If large blocks of green aren’t your thing, go for a more layered effect with accessories. Metallic touches and geometric flooring complete the look.

Turn it Japanese

Serenity never loses its appeal. A new take on the calm trend is the understated simplicity of Japanese influences. Create your minimal Zen retreat with neutral colours combined with natural wood finishes in warmer tones. Release your inner bonsai gardener with a miniature shrub or two.

Monochrome moods

The popularity of black and white never really fades, it just steps out of the limelight now and again. The new two-tone trend is to pair dark grey with black for accents, focal points and surfaces. This statement colour scheme sets the mood in any space, without sacrificing the light.

Going dark

If you want to lead the wave rather than ride it, consider the up and coming trend for using dark colours on the walls and floors. With the right lighting, choosing darker shades can make a small room seem bigger.

Blinds are down

Floor-length, statement curtains are on the up in this luxe trend for 2018. If your windows are long, pair with sheer voiles for a privacy double and opulent softness. 

In with the old

Got room for a free-standing antique amongst your fitted vanities? This trend celebrates the contrast of vintage furniture with sleek modernity. Warm wood with glass-fronted doors can show off shelves stacked with fluffy towels, bright hammam wraps and quirky glassware.

Open up to open-plan

Space can be tight in bathrooms. How we make the most of what’s available is becoming an increasingly key factor in the design. As wet rooms and walk-in showers are a good way to open up the space, bathtubs are no longer the default option. Express yourself with statement taps, shower heads and splashbacks.

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