The ultimate in kitchen storage solutions!

The ultimate in kitchen storage solutions.

The kitchen is no longer just where food is prepped and stored, for most people it is now the main social area for the family and an entertainment area for social gatherings with friends. The kitchen has become a place where we now spend most of our time and is fast becoming the hub of the home.

However, they are still very much working areas for creating family lunches and meals so there can be a lot of clutter such as cooking ingredients, crockery, utensils and sauces to name a few.   This requires a lot of storage space in the kitchen and storage space does not necessarily mean cupboards!   Clever storage is far more important than just simply creating extra space.  Kitchen designers work hard to create the perfect layout but why not get clever with the cabinets you already have by making the space work harder for you.

Clever internal units ensure that every inch of the cupboard space is used effectively.  Here we show you some examples of what you can do to make the most of your kitchen.


There should be enough space for pots and pans and cooking utensils right next to the hob. And it’s a good idea to keep baking sheets and baking accessories close to the oven.

This base unit has spacious full extensions that give you clear visibility and easy access to provisions. Practical inner dividers organise interiors and hold tins and packs of rice and pasta nice and securely.


All the utensils needed for preparing food are kept here (between ‘cooking’ and ‘cleaning’). Pull-outs ensure that implements are within easy reach and can be quickly placed on worktops.

Easy removal

Fully extendable drawers give you quick access to contents so you can easily remove items – even those at the very back of drawers.


Food is kept in the ‘consumables’ zone. The focus should be on easy access to contents when planning this zone.The SPACE TOWER larder unit has easy access and ample storage space for provisions. It can be tailored to your needs to suit your personal buying and cooking habits. In other words, the SPACE TOWER larder unit makes everyday kitchen use easier.

Easy access from three sides

Full extensions can be opened individually, giving you easy access to contents from all three sides.

Easy removal from above

You have clear visibility of contents from above so provisions can be found and removed quickly and easily.



The ‘non-consumables’ zone is designed for cutlery, dinnerware and glasses. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the dishwasher close by.


This zone features the dishwasher and sink. Make sure you have enough space to keep cleaning utensils and agents here

It’s very useful to have storage space around your sink. This sink cabinet uses every inch of storage space available and gives you easy access to contents. It keeps worktops free and ensures that washing-up items are immediately to hand. The cabinet can be implemented with standard LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX components.

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