Other Accessories

Other Accessories


Cooking, eating, entertaining, working — there’s always something going on in the kitchen. To help everyone make the best of this multi-purpose space, getting the lighting right is important.

To finish off your perfect transformation we can supply and install a variety of LED accent and feature lighting for under wall cabinets, base unit plinths and even with drawer units and cupboards. Add in the latest sensor and remote control switching to provide the ultimate convenience and really bring your kitchen to life.

Waste Disposal

Why fill your beautifully transformed room with functional bins and waste disposal? Our waste disposal units are designed to free the kitchen of unsightly and unhygienic organic household waste in an environmentally responsible way. Compact waste disposal units fit neatly into kitchen base units or hidden within the void below the kitchen unit. As well as hiding bins and waste disposal out of sight, the hi speed grinders instantly liquefy food waste into fine particles that are easily flushed through with running water. These units also include antibacterial protection – perfect for odour control.

Recycling bins

Fitting neatly into most standard cabinets waste and recycling sorters feature separate plastic containers to sort domestic waste into different categories such as food, cans, plastic and paper.   Our range of sorting bins provide multiple solutions to help in the environmentally friendly disposal of waste. A lid closes over the bins to contain any odours. Integrated sorting bins are the convenient alternative to the conventional waste bin.