The Benefits of Granite Overlay Worktops For Your Kitchen

The Benefits of Granite Overlay Worktops For Your Kitchen

Granite has been around for a very long time. Its reputation for durability is well-founded. Some granite rock is as much as four billion years old.

Granite is one of the best worktop materials for your kitchen. The benefits are so much more than just durability. Read on to learn about the benefits of granite overlay worktops.

What Are Granite Overlay Worktops?

The worktops in your kitchen have two functions. Firstly, your worktops are often the dominant feature of your kitchen and so have a major impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Secondly, they have an important function as the surface you use most for kitchen tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Aesthetics and practically are therefore key factors when considering what material to use for your kitchen worktops. Regularly replacing your kitchen worktops or upgrading your worktops is a great way to keep them looking great and performing well too. This is when granite overlay worktops can be such a good solution.

You don’t need to replace your whole kitchen to upgrade your worktops. Crazy as it might sound, you don’t even need to replace your worktops.

A worktop overlay is installed over the top of your existing worktops. They are made from polymer resin and real natural material i.e Granite & Quartz. The result is a tough but flexible material that is precision manufactured but has the appearance of machined granite.


Granite has a reserved reputation for durability. Granite overlay worktops are also durable but with an added feature. They are also flexible.

The flexibility of granite worktop overlays means that they are less likely to crack or break. The material is lighter and thinner than a traditional granite slab. This makes it less likely to be damaged by stresses caused by its weight.

Quick Installation

Overlay worktops are a great solution for a kitchen transformation. You don’t need to remove your existing worktops as the overlay sits neatly on top of your existing worktops. This makes the installation quick. The top that fit on top

The expert installers arrive at your home and get on with the job with little mess & fuss. You have no preparation other than to move your belongings. The installation is completed within a day.

If the installation includes a new sink or splashback there may a little more disruption. Most plumbing work will not increase the installation time. Splashback would more than likely add another day to the installation

Value For Money

A kitchen makeover can be an expensive project. Solid granite slabs are among the most expensive materials to use.

Replacing existing worktops with granite slabs can mean that your installation costs are very high too. The existing worktops must be removed and there may be issues with the kitchen units and framework. They have to be capable of carrying the weight of the granite slabs.

Expensive materials and added installation complexity can drive your kitchen transformation cost up. The value for money solution with no compromise on quality is a granite worktop overlay.


Does your kitchen look tired? Are the worktops showing the signs of years of service? Could your kitchen benefit from a makeover?

Achieving a transformation without a huge budget and lots of disruption is a big ask. It’s achievable with worktop overlays.

The instant transformation can make life in your kitchen a joy once again. Partner new worktop overlays with complementary and inexpensive accessories and you can have a whole new look. Buy a new electric kettle, some jars and a selection of cookery books and people will think you have replaced your whole kitchen.

Low Maintenance

Granite overlays need no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Use a mild detergent and remove spills promptly.

Wooden worktops need regular treatment with oil. Scratches must be sanded out and re-oiled.

Granite slabs look great and are durable but they are not maintenance-free. Granite slabs have to be sealed and you have to be careful not to use cleaning products and chemicals that will remove the sealant.

Beautiful Appearance

Your kitchen isn’t just a place where you do food preparation. For many people, their kitchen is the hub of the household.

A kitchen can include a dining area and it’s a place where family members meet. It can also be where your kids complete their homework or do crafts and hobbies. It’s the place where the best conversations happen when you have a party.

For all these reasons, a kitchen has to be a pleasant place to be. Having beautiful worktops helps create that pleasant ambience.

What is it about the appearance of granite that is so attractive? It’s a natural material. The organic nature of granite is appealing in the same way that bringing natural things into our homes makes us feel better and more alive.

Wide Choice

Just like natural granite slabs, granite worktop overlays come in a variety of colours. There are rich dark tones that work well in moody sophisticated kitchens. There are light and bright options for friendly, family kitchens.

Each granite worktop overlay contains a rich mixture of colours so it’s easy to find an option that complements other aspects of your existing kitchen colour scheme. There are earthy tones, greys and almost black granite.

It’s Your Call

Granite overlay worktops could make the kitchen transformation you’ve been thinking about, achievable. Visit a showroom to see the quality of the material and discuss the options. Imagine your kitchen with new granite overlay worktops combining the beautiful aesthetics with practicality.

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