Why reface?

You’re tired of your dated kitchen or bathroom and those work surfaces, tiles and door fascias have lost their lustre. But why experience all the anxiety and expense of a complete new installation, which means ripping out the old units and enduring weeks of disruption, when Granite Transformations can simply reface your existing fittings?

Homeowners around the world have discovered the joy of our ‘refacing revolution’, which gives you the designer look you’ve dreamed about, without the considerable cost of replacing everything. This way, you also retain the familiar working layout and get sleek, stylish and unashamedly luxurious Granite Transformations surfaces, giving your décor a whole new lease of life.

With Granite Transformations you save 3 ways:

replacement doors

Retain structural underpinnings

Up to half the cost of fitted kitchens and bathroom storage units relates to the timber carcases, shelving and drawer fittings people don’t usually see. So you save money by refacing these structural underpinnings, the Granite Transformations way. 


Re-use existing plumbing, wiring and tiling

You save money on demolishing units and ripping out old tiling, on extensive rewiring and replumbing for the new layout, and on skip hire for removing builder’s waste. 

granite transformations

Reduce unnecessary landfill

You also help save the planet, by reusing still-serviceable materials and by not sending waste to landfill.