Product Story

Our story begins with a unique product concept, ‘the top that fits on top’.
Thanks to our distinctive manufacturing process, this worktop material, known as agglomerate, is tough, durable and flexible, yet amazingly only ¼” (6.7mm) thick.

That means it can be fitted neatly, quickly and easily over your existing work surfaces, adding very little extra weight or depth. Bonded firmly to your original surface, this top is non-porous and highly resistant to heat, stains, impact, burns and scratches, withstanding the rigours of everyday household life.

Story Continues

Our ‘top that fits on top’ idea proved incredibly popular and, pretty soon, our customers were asking for replacement doors and drawer fronts to complement our agglomerate work surfaces. So we added a range of comparable quality and performance, in a host of colours and styles, extending our makeovers to doors. But what about sparkling splashbacks and decorative bathroom tiling? So authentic Italian glass mosaic tiles were introduced to the mix, with an innovative fitting system that made them ‘the tiles that fit on top’.

granite transformations
granite transformations