Transform Your Home With Granite Transformations Bolton

Granite Transformations Bolton has everything you need to completely transform your Bathroom and Kitchen.

These two rooms are some of the busiest in the home, these are also the rooms where we use the harshest chemicals. If your work surfaces and floors can’t stand up to the day to day rough and tumble of these rooms then you need an upgrade.

Our work surfaces are remarkable. They are chip, spill, chemical and heat resistant. Our worktops are made out of a highly durable polymer resin, this is what gives them their durability and strength. They are so strong that you can bounce a bowling ball on them and they won’t break like regular granite.

As well as their durability our worktops are renowned for their brilliant colour range. Whether you want a bright option or a classic nude we have something to suit everyone.

The thing that really sets our work surfaces apart is how they are installed. Our work surfaces go over your existing worktops in your kitchen and bathroom so the transformation can be complete in under a day.

In no time at all we can transform your bathroom and kitchen from looking dull and worn to classic and modern.

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