Space Saving Tips For The Kitchen

Everybody wants a bigger kitchen. A bigger kitchen means more space to cook and entertain, however it’s not always possible. That’s where these space saving tricks come in.

In order to make the kitchen look as big as possible, it’s important to keep the counters clear of clutter. Use trays to organise lose items such as coffee and tea and keep them in a clearly defined space. This will prevent them wandering around the kitchen every time they are used and keep everything organised.

A common trick used by interior designers when they want to make a space appear bigger is to use lighter colours. Granite Transformations Bolton has a range of light and neutral granite worktops that are ideal for use as a kitchen counter.

The light colours will reflect light making the room seem brighter and lighter. You can also use this trick with the flooring and kitchen accessories.

As well as using colour to create the illusion of space our worktops can be used to give you more floor space. Instead of using a table in the kitchen, our granite surfaces can be extended to create a breakfast bar.

Store seating under the counter to maximise on floor space while still keeping a space for the family to eat breakfast.

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