About Us

Our name is known and respected in many parts of the world. In North America, Australasia, South Africa, Europe and now the Middle East, the Granite Transformations brand is associated with quality makeovers and luxurious materials, whilst our policy of local showroom ownership ensures that customer tastes are properly interpreted wherever we are in the world.

granite transformations

We have grown rapidly since the brand was first established in 1996 and now average around 8,000 kitchen and bathroom installations each month, with worldwide annual sales exceeding £200 million, which makes us the No 1 name in home transformations.

But there’s more to Granite Transformations than that. We are also part of the Italian-based Trend Group, which makes authentic glass mosaics that grace countless residential, commercial and public buildings around the world, in addition to manufacturing the agglomerate granite, quartz and glass slab that forms our distinctive work surfaces.  The group has 700 employees, a market presence in over fifty countries, and five production plants with an annual capacity of 1.5million square metres of mosaic and a million linear metres of agglomerate.

All of which means that, unlike most makeover companies and material suppliers, we cover every single aspect, from design, development, sourcing and manufacturing, to distribution, retailing, fabricating and installation. So when we offer a lifetime warranty on our work surfaces, you can be assured that our name is fully behind it.

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