Shower Rooms

Luxurious showers are a must-have for many modern homes, whether they are full enclosures or walk-in wet rooms.

Indeed, many people are removing their baths and replacing them with a walk-in shower area, although future house buyers are still likely to expect a family bath. Adding a second shower room or wet room in place of a smaller bathroom is going to add value, however, because they have a perceived high status associated with luxury spa hotels. Shower rooms typically have larger enclosures in a variety of square, rectangular, curved and quadrant shapes, with many people choosing frameless screens for their minimalist style or simple-walk through glass panels. In contrast, a wet room does away with the shower screen and tray altogether and has an open, fully waterproofed area, with water channelled into a single drain, which is super-stylish and contemporary, although not for everybody. With a dedicated showering space, you can opt for a wonderful waterfall shower head, a pulsating power shower or even a hydromassage column. Streamlined shower trays come in many shapes, size and materials, often with built-in, anti-slip properties.


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  • Large, water-resistant, wipe-clean agglomerate sheets were made to be purposeful shower liners and eyecatching wall cladding for a complete wet room. The composite granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain surfaces complete the oh-so-stylish appeal of showers and wet rooms, contributing to the modern, minimalist styling. Matching floor tiles complete the coordinated floor-to-ceiling look, with bold bright primary colours like red and emerald green enabling a truly stunning effect.

  • You can create elegant showering spaces with the latest ideas in sleek enclosures and streamlined trays. There are large flat shower trays for walk-in showers or creating a wet room without the hassle of complete tanking or waterproofing. For a shower room, you can choose sliding doors, simple glass panels, hinged or pivot door enclosures, and curve-fronted corner installations. Whilst HEWI can contribute hinged shower seats, fold-aside support rails and height-adjustable modules for the washbasin and toilet.

  • Hard agglomerate floor tiles and planks in granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain finishes are the perfect water-resistant, yet stylish solution for shower installations and wet rooms. These luxurious, hardwearing flooring materials coordinate beautifully with agglomerate wall cladding and shower liners made by the same process, creating a fully waterproof area, in an extensive choice of colours.

  • For waterproof decorative finishes in a shower or wet room, choose traditional square field tiles in single colours or exploit their mix’n’match potential to create graduated patterns and exclusive custom designs. Alternatively, explore the Trend Approved catalogue to discover distinctive ‘designer’ mosaic collections, hand-crafted in traditional and contemporary patterns and projecting the brilliant reflective qualities of hardened glass.