Earthen Tones Work Surfaces

Brown is the colour of earth and of wood, it is a symbol of things natural and organic. It is down-to-earth, no-nonsense, timeless and straightforward. A mix of red, orange, black and yellow, the colour brown can blend into any surroundings, while earthen-toned worktops work especially well with woodgrain cabinetry, cottage-style kitchens and period homes. It provides a feeling of wholesomeness, an earthy connection with natural grains and root vegetables. In the bathroom, it is restrained, combining well with cream or white fittings and supplying a restful note on bath panels, vanity units and hard flooring.

The 12 variations of our earthen tones collection

  • Technical performance that's second-to-none

    Thanks to the inclusion of high grade polyester resin in our granite, quartz and recycled glass work surfaces, their technical performance is second-to-none. They are non-porous, so most stains and spills can be easily wiped away, scratch-resistant, durable and strong enough to withstand ‘the dropped bowling ball test’.

    The material is also thoroughly heat resistant, although oven-hot pans should not be left unattended, and carries an unrivalled lifetime warranty, for complete peace of mind.

    Features of our products

  • Custom shapes, waterfall edges or a chunkier look

    Although our work surface materials are noted for their slimline profile, we can always create a ‘chunkier’ look with a seamless edge piece to any depth you choose. We can even extend the edge piece right down to the base plinth for a fashionable waterfall end to a run of units or central island.

    If a custom-shaped worktop corner or curved peninsular end is your preference, our fitters can fabricate that too, thanks to the material’s inherent flexibility.

    Features of our products

It’s a very resilient product and we don’t have to maintain it at all. It looks good, the colour we chose blends in beautifully with the existing wood, and the finish introduces a modern, fashionable touch. The ‘green’ angle is appealing and it’s fitting that the material is made from recycled beer and wine bottles. What could be more apt

Alvin Michaels, Proprietor Bricklayer’s Arms

We have a lot of favourable comments about their green recycled glass worktop and people loved the curved end of the breakfast bar. It’s features like that will help sell the eco-Perch design and we shall certainly be offering Granite Transformations’ surfaces as an option.

Simon Payne, Director Blue Forest

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