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Winter Warmers - Recipe Series

The nights are getting darker and there is a chill in the air, what’s the best way to combat the cold atmosphere? Winter warmers! From age-old traditional british food to much-loved modern favourites. Here’s how we plan on keeping the fire in our bellies this season.

Sweet potato and butternut squash soup
A favourite and a classic - how could you go wrong? Hearty winter vegetables, maybe even a pinch of chilli to liven things up, served with a chunky piece of homemade rustic bread… it's what cold days are made for.

Bangers and mash
You can get more quintessentially british than a good plate of bangers and mash. With cumberland sausages and fluffy King Edward mash potatoes with milk and butter you can't go wrong. A coating of gravy will add that extra touch.

Steak and ale pie
A traditional winter warmer – steak and ale pie with a crusty pastry lid. Serve with extra helping of gravy and seasonal vegetables. Make sure you save some of the ale to complement the pie.

Moroccan one-pot chicken
A modern favourite prepared across various hours in either a tagine or in a slow cooker for flavour and tenderness of the chicken. The traditional Moroccan spices add that fire to your belly to help keep you warm.

Black forest gateaux
Who doesn’t like a good dessert but when it comes to winter a dense Black forest gateaux with a large helping of winter berries and a dollop of thick double cream is enough to tickle your taste buds across the season!

If these winter warmers have got your stomach rumbling why not recreate them in your own kitchen! If you want to give your kitchen a bit of love during the season on giving why not check out our vast range of kitchen replacement worktops and doors.

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