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White Is The Toast Of The Kitchen

Two years ago we reported that black granite was by far the most popular choice amongst our customers, although later we predicted that white worktops would feature in the top interior design trends. Confirming this prediction, white and off-white worktops have now shot to the top of our best sellers, with Hydra White and Royal Ivory the new top 2 and White Star coming in at No 5.

Black granite was our long-standing favourite worktop material, seen as authoritative, powerful, stylish and the signature colour for warehouse conversions and noughties developments. When the property market was volatile, black was the ‘go to’ colour for attracting would-be buyers. But nowadays homeowners are choosing kitchen décor that best suits their own tastes and lifestyle, hence the shift towards calm and relaxing white and neutral tones.

We also enjoy the distinction of marketing worktops in granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain, enabling us to monitor trends in material choice. Echoing internet feedback that ‘quartz’ is now the most searched term for worktops, our best-seller Royal Ivory is made from finely textured, neutral coloured quartzite, a tough mineral rock that originates from sandstone. Also rocketing in popularity are recycled glass worktops like Hydra White and White Star, made from toughened glass granules recovered from post-consumer wine, beer and mineral water bottles.

The latest fashion for smooth and refined porcelain worktops is also filtering across from North America, where Terra di Sienna and Terra Ombra, made from this extremely hardwearing ceramic material, are at #3 and #4 in the international Granite Transformations charts.

Looking ahead, we also anticipate rising consumer demand for patterned worktops and splashbacks, like our new Trend Trascenda dye sublimated collection. Offering the look and classic appeal of marble finishes, without the cost and impracticalities, as well as distinctive graphic and fluid patterns, these exciting designs will lend a whole new dimension to kitchen décor.

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