Transform Your Kitchen With The Worktop That Goes On Top

It’s the season to spring clean and renovate the home, and the kitchen is not exempt from this seasonal facelift. Granite Transformations are proud to offer their range of kitchen granite worktops to their UK customers.

These granite worktops come in a wide range of colours and can be fitted in almost any kitchen. One of the remarkable features of the worktops from Granite Transformations is that they are installed on top of your existing units. This makes the process of renovating your kitchen as painless as possible.

The worktops are fitted in a way that gives a luxurious, seamless appearance to your kitchen. It’s possible to extend the granite worktop down the side of your current kitchen units in a waterfall effect. This provides total coverage of your old worktops and can drastically change the appearance of your kitchen.

With Granite Transformations you can be certain that you will receive the best quality product for your kitchen. The worktops are rigorously tested to ensure that what goes into your kitchen will stand the test of time. All the worktops are scratch and heat resistant so they will retain their elegance while still functioning as a high quality worktop.

There’s no need to tiptoe around your new worktops. The worktops are built with strength in mind and they are tested to ensure they are strong and durable by being put through “the dropped bowling ball test”. A bowling ball is dropped from a height onto the worktops to ensure that they don’t chip or fracture.

If that doesn’t give you peace of mind then there is also the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. If something should go wrong with your product, Granite Transformations will have your kitchen looking its best again in no time.

Contact Granite Transformations today to receive their latest brochure, or call to arrange a home visit and be put in touch with local granite worktop suppliers.

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