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Traditional, Modern or Country? Which Kitchen Style Best Suits You?

It can be daunting trying to decide on a brand new kitchen style for your home as there’s so many possibilities and to get the most out of your investment you want a design that will stand the test of time.

Any good kitchen needs to be fashionable and functional, whilst also complementing the personality of you and your home.
But do you choose a well-established traditional style kitchen, a modern 21st Century style kitchen or opt for the rustic charm provided by a country style kitchen?
Before you commit to a decision it helps to get a better understanding of these 3 popular kitchen styles:

Traditional Kitchens

For a true timeless classic that ages beautifully you can’t go wrong with a traditional kitchen style.
They’re characterised by the impeccable attention to detail on offer and use of natural materials such as wood and stone which help to give the space authentic character and leave it feeling warm and homely.
Decorative lighting is often provided by a chandelier or alike to accentuate everything within the kitchen and act as a stand-out centerpiece of the room.
In terms of colour, the traditional kitchen tends to neglect the bold and brash, typically featuring calming shades such as cream, beige, white, and light greens and browns.
Please don’t be fooled into thinking that a traditional kitchen isn’t compatible with a contemporary residence. On the contrary, it can be seamlessly integrated into modern abodes, giving you a perfect contrast of old and new.

Modern Kitchens

Home living has evolved over time as growing numbers of families use their kitchen as the heartbeat of the house, something that a modern kitchen is well equipped to serve.

Much of the universal appeal of a modern kitchen lies its minimalism and simplicity; less is most definitely more.

Cabinetry tends to be sleek and affixed with streamlined door hardware, and floor to ceiling storage solutions are rife in the form of deep drawers, clever corner units and swing out shelving.

The only limit when it comes to colour choice is your imagination. You can have everything from red to green and everything in between, or really stamp your authority by sticking to contemporary favourites grey and black.

However, it's the countertops of a modern kitchen that capture the most attention as the gleam of granite or marble exude sophistication and are at the very pinnacle of chic.

To bring it all to life, recessed lighting in the ceiling really enhances the ambience of the room and creates the illusion of space.

Country Kitchens

“Lives in a house, a very big house in the country.” Many of us have dreamt about it at some point in our lives, mainly those with large families, and the country kitchen is one of the main lures of country living.

Wooden or pine cabinets, exposed beams and stone flooring are all common features of a charming farmhouse-style kitchen, just as much as a Belfast sink, AGA and rustic oak dining table.

Colour schemes tend to be muted using soft finishes such as white, pale yellow or light grey, cream etc. and most country kitchens include an accompanying timber bench or salvaged wood table for dining purposes and an added organic feel.  

Using any available shelving to showcase teapots, recipe books, crockery will further enhance the country effect.  

The sheer size of a country kitchen opens up so many opportunities and country kitchen living is hugely in vogue at the moment.

For additional advice on modern, traditional and country kitchens speak to your nearest Granite Transformations installer who you can locate by INPUTTING YOUR POSTCODE ON OUR WEBSITE.

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