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The Ultimate Guide To Mosaic Design

The piecing together of small glass tiles to create captivating glass mosaics is a decorative art form that dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. 

Delve a little further into history and it’s actually believed that prior to them being crafted into tile form, glass was first utilised in mosaics much earlier than that, as early as 2500 BC.

The wide variety of styles that can nowadays be achieved with glass mosaics has led to them becoming a popular addition to the contemporary home, predominantly in kitchen and bathroom areas where they’re typically used on walls and flooring.

If your kitchen or bathroom is screaming out for the charming colours, picture perfect patterns and tantalising textures that a glass mosaic provides, read on and find out how to incorporate them effectively:

1.      Measure up to determine the tile size/shape

Because glass tiles come in such a vast array of shapes and sizes it is extremely important to carefully measure the desired area you wish to decorate so that the correct tile shape and size can be determined.

2.      Free your imagination

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting shapes and colours in different areas of the same room. A mixture of glass mosaic styles and effects between e.g. a countertop and the flooring can have a dramatic visual impact and really brighten things up. You could even combine glass tiles with another material such as stone for an accent wall that looks completely different from the other walls in the room. However, try not to let one area overly dominate the other, ensure they somehow complement one another.

Be elaborate. Be bold. Be brave.

3.      Try a glass splashback

A splashback is designed to protect a kitchen wall from splashes. Whilst that is its chief purpose, many householders now install them more so to give their kitchen that glamorous edge. They add lots of pizzazz and life, allowing you to stamp your personality on the space and create an artistic focal feature.

The installation of a splashback is a good compromise too for those on a tight budget who don’t have the funds required to fit glass mosaic tiles throughout their kitchen.


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