The kitchen trends many of us will embrace in 2018

For some time now we’ve become accustomed to open plan living, but in recent years we’ve seen the rise of a new trend – the 'Broken Plan’ kitchen. This is less about one large space and more about the clever use of it. Broken plan layouts can be achieved with the creation of zones via different floor levels or floor types, kitchen islands or even semi permanent partitions such as floor to ceiling bookcases.

Designers and architects are predicting that the ‘Broken Plan’ kitchen will be even more dominant in 2018. For Granite Transformations, we’ve embraced this by demonstrating to customers how they can create designated areas of their open plan room; with the use of different surface finishes including; wood-grains, marble effects, concrete, metals and paint, all of which we expect will be top of the design tree this year.

So what are the predictions for colour in 2018? Although whites, creams and alabastar will still be popular, bold is the next big thing. Shades of pale grey, charcoals, anthracite and black will all prove popular. But blue is still the must have accent colour, proven by the Dulux 2017 colour of the year being Denim Drift. And blue is extending to doors as well, with the new Matt Denim and Baltic Blue Ranges being in high demand.

But in a swift move to an entirely new direction, the trending Dulux Colour for 2018 so far is Heart Wood - a lovely warm pink that can be used in a variety of ways to create cosy or crazy, whichever your preference.

Matt finishes will become ever more popular as a great contrast to metallic gloss finishes, and spray painted doors are also on the up as a sophisticated, yet cost effective alternative to vinyl wrapped or acrylic faced doors. Add beautiful copper or black door handles and the look is complete.

When it comes to sinks, stainless steel will remain ever popular, but coloured sinks are making a huge comeback and grey appears to be the design colour of choice.

One of the biggest design stories for 2018 so far is the introduction of a greater variety of tap finishes with copper, gold and black in matt, polished and brushed finishes giving the traditional stainless and chrome finishes a run for their money! A great example of this is the new Franke Omni Contemporary range of 4-in-1 taps.

The almighty explosion of Rose Gold into the home décor market cannot be ignored from last year and this is set to only rise. Rose Gold will be gaining in popularity as an accent metallic finish for brassware, lighting and furniture and is already being used in kitchens and bathrooms to stunning effect.

Concrete and marble effects will be big in the coming year for both horizontal and vertical work surfaces and contrasted with the new metallic finishes; will continue the rise of the popular industrial and loft apartment look.

So, whatever your home transformation plans in 2018, if you are keen to embrace any of the trends mentioned here, you’ll be sure to create not only a stunning finish, but a popular one too.

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