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The key to increasing the value of your home

With the ever-increasing costs involved in moving home there is a better way to spend your hard earned money, in ‘home improvements’! Not only can they give your home a new lease of life with fresh design and new functionality, they can also help to increase both the value of your home and its saleability.

A number of studies estimate that upgrading your kitchen can add up to 6% to its value, so on a home worth £500,000 that’s a huge £30,000! And it’s not exclusive to kitchens; a bathroom upgrade could add a further 3-5%.

The key is to choose a design that will last and is not too bold, use neutral colour palettes, and to upgrade rather than completely replace. For example, new worktops and cabinet doors can be added to an existing kitchen, making it up to date for less than the cost of a complete new kitchen. Not only does this save you a big chunk of budget, it also saves you a great deal of disruption and time.

A survey conducted by Houzz recently indicated that worktops are the most popular item to replace and upgrade with granite and quartz being popular choices. Spending some of your budget on quality fixtures such as granite worktops or gloss door finishes is another way to seduce potential buyers and increase your homes value. Combine this with fresh new splashbacks, door furniture and taps and hey presto, your kitchen transformation is complete.

It’s much the same for bathrooms, updating shower walls and bath surrounds with quartz or recycled glass can give your room a totally new lease of life, you can even include the floors!

By upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, not only are you increasing the value of your home, you are also making it more saleable. You’ve done the hard work, meaning prospective buyers have a move-in ready home to consider without the fear of a substantial financial outlay or disruption.

There’s another bonus in choosing to upgrade rather than replace your kitchen or bathroom, and that’s the environment. By choosing to replace just the doors, rather than all cabinetry, you are also reducing waste. You could also choose a recycled worktop such as a recycled glass or recycled porcelain, which both have scratch resistant properties and are easy to maintain.

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