Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer With Granite Transformations

It’s that time of the year to spring clean and renovate your home. Many people are upgrading their kitchens and bathrooms, and with a variety of products on the market it is easy to get confused while you shop. Some people are opting for wood or laminate worktops but the best quality worktops on the market are undoubtedly granite.

Granite Transformations are pleased to offer their stunning range of brown granite worktops, red granite worktops and black granite worktops to the UK. These worktops are the most superior product available on the market for several reasons.

The granite worktops provided by Granite Transformations are the sturdiest product available on the market. All of their worktops are submitted to rigorous quality testing, this includes the infamous dropped bowling ball test. This test involves dropping a bowling ball onto your worktop from a height to ensure that it can stand the pressure. This means that the product you get will be of the highest quality possible. On top of this all granite worktops come with a lifetime guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

It’s easy to transform your kitchen with a new granite worktop. Granite Transformations have dubbed their worktops as the “top that goes on top”. This is because your new worktop can be installed over the top of your pre-existing kitchen worktops. This means less hassle for you, your kitchen will be back to normal in no time and you’ll save money in comparison to doing an entire kitchen refurbishment.

Granite Transformation worktops will suit almost every kitchen. Their worktops blend together seamlessly to give an unrivalled luxurious effect. This can be used to your advantage so that you can make a stunning island in your kitchen that will match your kitchen counter tops perfectly.

Only Granite Transformations can give you a granite worktop that is stylish, sturdy and guaranteed to turn your kitchen into the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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