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Renovate your kitchen the green way

Here at Granite Transformations we are committed to help preserve the environment wherever possible. Our manufacturing and production methods are consistently eco-friendly, which enables us to keep our carbon footprint down and ensure your kitchen and bathroom solutions are the “greenest” on the market. This is through limiting the amount of raw materials inputted into development.

One of the ways we achieve this is through using recycled glass in all of our glass mosaics. We ensure that our products are manufactured with the environment in mind.

We incorporate geologic waste into our work surfaces, helping us achieve an impressive 78% post-consumer recycled content. We our proud of our recycling projects, one of our most eye-catching productions was when we recycled electric blue SKYY® Vodka bottles into stunning recycled glass countertops and mosaic tiles.

To ensure that we are as eco-friendly as possible, we have utilised the following process:

  • We partner with many of the world’s leading environmental organisations, architects and designers to promote sustainability.

  • Our dependence on water has decreased through the use of hi-tech water recycling systems.

  • Recyclable glass is a popular material in our products.

  • There is limited debris as our worktops are fit on top of existing surfaces.

  • Our countertops are lightweight to ensure that they are fit for purpose and easily transportable.

If you are looking for an eye-catching but environmentally friendly makeover for your kitchen, choose Granite Transformations, as you will be putting the planet first without compromising on quality and style. 

Our long list of benefits that come with choosing us for your kitchen makeover, include:

  • Scratch, stain-resistant and maintenance free worktops

  • Mold and mildew-resistant worktops

  • Worktops fit over existing surfaces

  • Fast, easy, no-mess installation

  • Easy to clean

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • NSF certified

  • Trained, professional installers


No-one loves the planet more than we do! We always go “green”, why don’t you have a look at our eco-friendly products. 

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