Recycled Glass Is Perfect Partner 1

Recycled Glass Is Perfect Partner For Eco-Perch

Tree houses are currently in vogue, with hotels, leisure parks, stately homes, private estates and celebrities choosing to invest in timber treetop and lodge constructions. Even the downturn in the housing market didn’t diminish demand, as householders boosted the value of their properties by building a tree house in the garden. Their popularity is attributed to a growing interest in environment issues, especially sustainable living, and a desire to be at one with nature.

Blue Forest is an award-winning company that specialises in the development of inspirational and sustainable wooden buildings, based on a lengthy heritage of designing luxury tree houses for residential and commercial clients. It provides exclusive accommodation for the hotel and leisure sector, supplying such clients as the 5-star Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Centre Parcs, Thomson Holidays and Scott Dunn travel specialists.

For its modular 4-bed tree house, eco-Perch, it chose Granite Transformations’ recycled glass agglomerate material for the inbuilt kitchen worktop and breakfast bar, in an appropriate shade of green. This is an especially good fit, since Blue Forest is renowned as a specialist in eco-friendly tree house construction, using sustainably sourced timber, while Granite Transformations’ has pioneered the use of post-consumer recycled material for kitchen worktops. To learn more about this ecological alliance, click here.


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