Recycled Glass Black Worktop Is Star

Although earthen tones have been gaining in popularity, black worktops have had a strong renaissance, with recycled glass worktop Black Star clocking up 23% of all Granite Transformations’ sales. What’s more, black worktops in general represent 54% of installations, its granite finishes Nero Stella and Nero Galaxy also proving particularly popular.

One of the reasons that Black Star is in demand is that it contains fragments of mirror fleck, which creates an incredible sparkling effect under halogen lighting. It’s a diamond-polished surface that features exceptionally deep hues of blue and black, which goes with any kitchen, rustic or modern, and with any colour of cabinet.

Granite Transformations markets its high quality, durable worktops direct to consumers, through its network of showrooms, and its slimline materials can be installed straight over existing kitchen work surfaces, enabling home owners to refresh dated looks and keep abreast of modern décor. So the company is perfectly placed to take the temperature of current colour trends.

It also supplies and fits replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts, noting consumer tastes across the country. High gloss acrylic doors in cream, white and woodgrains are especially popular, as are simple Shaker styles in alabaster, pear and light oak and flat matt finishes in white and zinc. Black and black-veined worktops complement all these door colours, creating a fashionable minimalist look, and they even go with ‘hot’ colours like plum.

One other underlying kitchen worktop trend is the increasing use of recycled raw materials. Granite Transformations pioneered the use of post-consumer recycled glass worktops, made from used beer, wine and mineral water bottles and glass containers, and sources material from colour-sorted kerbside refuse collections.

The #1 finish Black Star may look and perform like a black granite slab, but on closer inspection it is made from irregular fragments of glass, even flecks of broken mirror, bonded together with a touch of polyester resin to give superior strength and outstanding resistance to heat, scratches, cuts, stains, impact and chemicals.

“People may say they like natural granite, but it’s quite a difficult material to work with, needs regular sealing and maintenance, and the stone slab is extremely heavy. So you need to rip out the existing worktops and reinforce the cabinet carcases,” says Granite Transformations’ UK Chief, Danny Hanlon. “When people see our Black Star and Nero Maltese recycled glass worktops, or our granite-based finishes like Nero Stella, Nero Galaxy and Nero Marquis, then realise these materials will fit right on top of the existing work surfaces, they like these even better.”

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