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Recipe Series - Top 3 no-bake bakes to do with your kids

Keeping your children entertained over the summer holidays is a never-ending cycle. Trying to find unique and innovative things to do, is always difficult. Why not utilise summer fruits and seasonal ingredients, to make deliciously healthy treats, that don’t break the bank.

We have listed our top 3 no-bake bakes to keep your kids busy that are quick and easy to prepare.

Bars and Slices

A popular dish with children and adults alike. Just melt butter and chocolate into a bowl and add in your crushed up pack of plain biscuits. Then you can mix it all together with condensed milk and put it into a lined and greased baking tray. You can now pop it in the fridge to set. Make sure you melt some extra chocolate to spread on the top of your bar or slice, then put it back in the fridge for a few hours to set completely. You can even add extra toppings or fillings. We suggest fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, candy and chocolate and peanut butter. You can add these into the slice, or use them as toppings.

Fruit Kebabs

A healthy dessert for your summer BBQ, fruit kebabs are the perfect snack. They taste and look great. All you need is an array of seasonal fruit and long satay sticks. You can use pineapple, banana, strawberries, apples, mango, melon, coconut and passionfruit. With endless possibilities, you can never go wrong! Just thread the chunks on to the satay sticks and you can serve them with anything; ice cream, chocolate sauce or yogurt. It will get messy, so make sure you have some napkins on hand.

Summer Fruits Ice Lollies

Homemade ice-lollies are a quick, cheap and healthy alternative to the store bought kind. They are great fun to make, as you can use so many different things; fruit, cordial, yogurt or fromage frais. Just fill ice lolly moulds, and freeze over night. Why not mix ‘n’ match and fill the moulds with more than one thing. You could blend your favourite fruits with a little bit of yogurt or fruit juice, or freeze fruit juice with chunks of the same fruit. Get experimenting!

Just because the kids are at home over the summer doesn’t mean they can’t help out around the home, in particularly in the kitchen. If your kitchen isn’t set up for family fun have you considered updating it? Check out our styles and ranges here.

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