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Recipe Series - Three Quick Easy Family Meals

Managing the work-life balance is something we all struggle with. Add in a few children and things seem to get 10 times more complicated. From homework dodgers to extra-curricular extraordinaires, when time is of the essence, healthy meals which are easy to prepare become a must.

We have listed our top three favourites to keep the kids happy that don’t take too long to prepare.   

Chicken Fajitas

A winning dish with children and adults alike. Just chop up some chicken, peppers and onions, fry them individually or together and toss them into a bowl. All you need now is some tortillas and sauces - guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Let the kids roll the tortillas themselves, they’ll enjoy getting involved. Make sure there are some napkins laying around to sort out the mess at the end.

American Style Sloppy Joes

Simple and quick to prepare, whip up some mince beef with onions, peppers, garlic and tomatoes. Load cheese and the mince mix into a burger bun and let the cheese melt into the sauce. It's going to get messy again but put some lettuce leaves on the side to help you mop up the sauce.

Salmon and Broccoli Traybake

A great source of omega-3 and iron, and very easy to make. Just throw salmon fillets and broccoli into a tray. Season well, add a generous helping of olive oil and place in the oven. 25 minutes later, plate up and enjoy a healthy family meal.

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