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No Nudes Is Good News For Granite Transformations

A survey on decorative property turn-offs and turn-ons, reported in The Times under the headline ‘Ditch the nudes and fit granite kitchen tops’, has revealed that granite-type work surfaces and fitted kitchens are the two most highly rated home improvements, for attracting prospective house buyers.

The study by Need A Property revealed that two-thirds of buyers would offer less than the asking price for a property, if it featured decorative turn-offs like woodchip wallpaper (39%), mirrored ceilings (36%) and nude portraits (35%). In contrast, many would pay over the asking price if it had turn-ons liked fitted kitchens (36%) and granite work surfaces (31%).

During the recession, Granite Transformations was busy providing affordable kitchen makeovers for cash-strapped homeowners, looking to improve their décor without spending a fortune and without the normal dust, debris and disruption. Its Nero Stella black granite work surface is indeed the most popular with customers, underling the survey findings, although its Black Star finish, which has the upscale look of granite, is another strong favourite and is actually made from recycled glass.

Now that the property market is on the upturn, Granite Transformations is looking to provide kitchen upgrades for householders keen to sell their homes and make the best possible impression on prospective buyers.

With the distinctive ‘top that fits on top’ refacing concept, which allows hardwearing granite, glass and other surfaces to be bonded neatly over existing worktops and bathroom tiles, Granite Transformations showrooms are able to carry out most makeovers in just one day, making an instant impact on would-be house purchasers.



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