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New Worktop Finish Is All White

Right now, it’s all about white kitchens according to interior design bibles from Country Living and Elle Décor, to Architectural Digest. What better time, then, for makeover expert, Granite Transformations, to launch its new Hydra White worktop finish. With 67% recycled glass content, including mirror fleck for subtle highlights under halogen lamps, this surface also chimes in with current consumer demand for eco-friendly materials.

Cool, classless white is making a comeback in everything from kitchens to cars, and experts attribute this to the ‘Apple effect’, referring to iPhones, iPads and other gadgets being produced in this fashionably minimalist shade. White is clean, crisp and bright: it makes a kitchen feel open, airy and spacious, reflecting back natural and artificial light. In colour psychology terms, it is also the complexion of ‘new beginnings’.

What’s even better about this lightweight, yet highly durable Hydra White recycled glass material is that it can be fitted directly over dark stone countertops and other work surfaces, creating an instant ‘new beginning’ for home owners. Granite Transformations showrooms around the country can also fit replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts in Satin White, high gloss Snow Larch and acrylic Ultra Gloss White to create a fashionably all-white kitchen. This means you can be totally on trend, without all the usual demolition, dust and debris of a total kitchen rebuild.

Joining White Star, one of Granite Transformations’ existing worktop favourites, new Hydra White is slightly crisper in appearance and more finely textured, with flecks of recycled mirror, aventurina and semi-precious stone. It is composed largely of recycled glass and a minimal amount of clear polyester resin, to give it outstanding strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance. 

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