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Murrine Mosaics Reflect Historic Venetian Glassware

Trend, the producer of our authentic Italian glass mosaic tiles range, has brought a series of intricate, decorative mosaic patterns to the world of interior design. The new Murrine Collection has been inspired by classic Venetian glassmaking techniques, often incorporated into fine art paperweights and blown glass vessels, and it is available to special order from our showrooms nationwide.

Trend has reinterpreted the Italian art of murrine design into a bold collection of circular and square pre-formatted mosaic panels, using 1cm square, glass tiles that are perfect for complex patterns and hand-cut pieces for creating curves and fluid strokes. The techniques employed also celebrate a link with our parent group’s past, since its 19th century Orsoni factory, renowned for the production of gold and glass mosaics, is still sited in Venice and its founder, Angelo Orsoni, was born on the island of Murano, for centuries the home of murrine glassware.

Lending a contemporary aesthetic to a treasured art form, the Trend Murrine Collection is offered in three different styles that are perfect for mosaic features, modular panels and friezes, which are suitable for interior and exterior walls, as well as residential and light-traffic commercial flooring. It is also suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, shower cubicles, spas and ornamental fountains.

The three mosaic styles, Burano, Murano and Torcello, are named after islands in the Venetian Lagoon and each is offered in different colourways:

Burano reflects the millefiori or ‘thousand flowers’ effect of radial symmetry, in circular mosaic panels measuring 204.5cm (6’ 8½”) in diameter. The blue mosaic contains a total of 23 different tile colours, whilst the predominantly red pattern includes 17 different shades.

Murano continues the millefiori theme into a 149cm (4'11”) square module, using large and small circular repeat patterns, which can be combined to create linear friezes, rectangular panels or complete wallcoverings. There are four colourways ranging from a restrained monochrome to a variety of soft pastel shades.


Torcello reproduces the modular format on a larger scale and in bolder colourways, with five 158cm (5’ 2”) square sheets in each design making up a mosaic panel over five feet (158cm) square, for flooring and feature walls.

The individual tile colours in each mosaic pattern are drawn from Trend’s Vitreo, Brillante and Shining 1cm x 1cm tile ranges, which are thoroughly eco-friendly, being made from up to 78% post-consumer recycled glass. 

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