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How to Utilise the Latest Kitchen Technology on a Budget

If you're a technology addict but you’re working to a budget, having the latest gadgets in your kitchen doesn’t have to equal great expense. We have listed five kitchen gadgets to update your kitchen...without blowing the budget.  

Boiling Water Tap

It sounds simple, that's because it is. No need to use a kettle to boil water when you have a boiling water tap as a part of your sink.

Every time you need a cup of tea you won't need to fill the kettle and wait a couple of minutes for it to boil. As a boiling water tap is plumbed into the water mains all you need to do is turn the tap on you will have boiling water. A time saver for when you need a cup of tea or when cooking a family meal.

Waste Disposal Units

Taking the lead from those over the pond, popularity for waste disposal units is increasing. Using a waste disposal unit stops leftover food from being thrown away in the bin to end up on a landfill.

With a waste disposal unit food waste is reduced to fine particles and mixed with water which then flows down the normal waste pipework system without causing any blockages, due to large piece of food being washed down the system.

Smart kettle

If you don’t like the idea of a boiling water tap in your kitchen or if you prefer you tea or coffee luke-warm instead of piping hot, a smart kettle could be for you. 

With some smart kettles you can chose your desired temperature from 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100 degrees centigrade, others allow you to use your smartphone to turn the kettle on.

So you only need to get up from the sofa to pour the water once boiled, perfect for lazy days.

Smoothie Blender

Popular at the moment are smoothie makers, from gym-goers to mums making their children a tasty healthy drink, smoothies are a easy way to get your 5-a-day.

With various brands incorporating different features creating a vast difference in price, before you buy make sure you have found the right one for you.

Coffee Makers

Also popular on the market are various brands of coffee makers, from those with pods to the traditional bean and grinder machines. Not only do coffee makers enhance the look and appeal of a kitchen but also using a coffee machine can enhance your day when waking up early for work, as it will make you, your perfect coffee in the morning.

Simple things like adding new technology to your kitchen can revitalise the space and make all the difference. Not just to the aesthetics but also the additional benefits you will gain from using the latest technology including; saving valuable time, becoming more eco friendly and helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle, to name but a few.

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