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How To Renovate Your Kitchen The Green Way

Has your kitchen lost its mojo? Remember how you felt when it was all shiny and new? Your kitchen is arguably, the most important room in the house. If it no longer gives you that special “buzz”, maybe it’s time to think about renovating it to reawaken those feelings you once had,

The good news is that not only is renovating your kitchen a lot easier and more affordable these days, but there are also plenty of eco-friendly solutions available, So you can bring your kitchen up to date and do your bit for the planet in the process.

Employ a little green thinking into your kitchen renovation

Whether you are starting entirely from scratch, or are keen to modernise your existing kitchen setup, there are various ways that you can create a meaner, greener kitchen.

We have come up with 3 suggestions to get you started:

 1.    Install low maintenance work surfaces for greener cleaning

There’s absolutely no denying that traditional wooden worktops offer stunning aesthetics, but maintaining them is tiresome. Also, the removal of any stubborn marks and stains on a wooden work surface usually requires the application of a cleaning solution containing harmful chemicals.

You can buy granite-like worktops that are lower maintenance and only require an occasional thorough wipe with a cloth doused in some hot soapy water to rid them of any unsightly splashes.

 2.   Utilise the sun and fit LED lighting

Those in the fortunate position of having a kitchen exposed to the natural light of the sun should harness it to the maximum during the daytime, rather than rely on artificial light. Open the blinds and curtains first thing in the morning to give the sun a pathway in, and attach mirrors in areas where the sun will bounce off them to create the illusion of space.

Once darkness falls, illuminate the kitchen environment when cooking and socialising with LED lighting, as opposed to incandescent bulbs which research has found are a far less sustainable form of lighting.

 3.   Purchase energy efficient appliances

Have you checked the energy rating label on your current home appliances e.g. microwave, oven, fridge, washing machine? We recommend that you do as they could be unnecessarily consuming excess energy when in use.

Carefully dispose of those old wasteful appliances and replace them with new appliances that carry the highest energy rating you can afford. Not only will they help reduce your carbon footprint, but they’ll also cut the cost of your energy bills.   


Granite Transformations is a strong advocate of refacing and recycling old kitchen units to help protect the environment. Check out our full range of eco-friendly products here.







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