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How to refresh your bathroom on a budget

Remodelling or modernising your bathroom has a plethora of different benefits, including, believe it or not, adding value to your property. Old fixtures? Outdated décor? Small tub? More shower space? Better accessibility? The makeover doesn't have to be expensive! A few subtle changes can transform the room from boring and dull to bright and calming on a low-cost budget.

We have listed our top tips to guide you on refreshing your bathroom on a budget.

Colourful Splashback

Inserting a splash of colour into your bathroom can transform the look of the room. A feature wall and a splashback behind a fitted tub, would brighten up a room instantly, without having to break the bank. Lighter colours open up the room and allow light to come in. A backsplash adds a pop of colour without having to redecorate the whole room. Also, it’s a modern form of décor, something that’s fresh and innovative for your bathroom.

Freestanding Bath

Nothing makes a bolder designer statement like a freestanding bath. These elegant bathtubs take centre stage and will create a modern focal point in your bathroom. They are stylish and striking, allowing you to bathe in luxury and indulgence. They can be placed anywhere in the room, enabling you to create more space. Freestanding baths add a touch of class to any bathroom without carrying a luxury price tag.

Shower Power

Larger showers are currently the ‘in’ thing! Especially with glass enclosures. They are modern and create the perfect contemporary feel to your bathroom. However, don’t eliminate the bath or it will have a negative impact on your property’s selling potential. They are an eye-catching addition to your modern bathroom installation, and take up the same space as a bath, with no doors, allowing for luxurious showering. The look of a walk in shower is simple, but the aesthetic impact it has on a bathroom is striking.

Modern Taps

Sleek, new taps can actually transform the look of your bathroom! Your current ones are probably rusting and outdated, so why not upgrade them with some contemporary alternatives. Their futuristic designs can quite happily grace any contemporary home. They’re not only available to the rich and famous, in fact the price is super affordable, and it's unlikely that you'll end up going over budget.


If you’re on a budget, and want to refresh your bathroom why not get in touch with one of our experts.

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