How to Maximise the Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Do you struggle for storage in your kitchen? Fed up of cluttered counters and untidy utensils? For many cooking is a necessity rather than a something of enjoyment and nothing dampens your spirits more than trying to cook for the family in a difficult work space.

Freeing up space in your kitchen needn’t be an arduous task nor expensive, a few little updates here and there can make all the difference .

Our Top Five Kitchen Storage Solutions

We have come up with a five top kitchen storage solutions to help you improve your kitchen storage, if you don’t want to fully renovate your kitchen but need extra space:

1. Reorganise

When was the last time you reorganised your kitchen? Empty each shelve, cupboard and draw and box up the things you don’t use on a regular basis. Put the boxes in the garage or attic, away from the kitchen, or if it's something you don't think you will use again throw it away. You may even find a few surprises including  items which have past their expiry date. A good overhaul of your storage areas should free up some more space.

2. Make your kitchen shelf efficient

Keep things organised and tidy. By using shelf inserts you can keep all your crockery separate from your food items, making things easier to find. If you need more storage consider erecting shelves on exposed walls or underneath wall cabinets to lift items of the worktop. Decluttering your work surface will make the space feel bigger.



3. Get creative in the corners

The corners of your kitchen don't need to be dust traps, brighten them up with attractive functional items - either worktop appliances such as a kettle, toaster or even a utensil holder to make use of the space. Take advantage of corner cupboards, put large bulky items at the back and smaller, frequently used items at the front for ease of access.

4. Use your oven as storage

Oven dishes and pans take up a lot of space in cupboards. Use your oven as an extra cupboard to store large pots and pans. You will find this frees up a lot of space elsewhere in your kitchen. Keep in mind the slim lined space underneath your oven which can become a draw for oven trays too.

5. Work your walls

A utensil rail, spice rack and wine holder are all storage solutions which can be mounted on a wall rather than taking valuable draw and cupboard space. This can also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen with a statement wine holder or unusual spice rack becoming an attractive talking point to detract away from other areas of the kitchen.

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