Granite Transformations In High-End Horseboxes

Granite Transformations’ high grade work surfaces are normally associated with low maintenance kitchen worktops and non-porous bathroom finishes, as featured on many TV makeover shows. Nevertheless, the material’s slim profile and lightweight characteristics make it ideal for applications where unladen weight is also a critical consideration, like canal boats, superyachts, RSV’s, treehouses and, now, horseboxes. One of our showrooms, in Trumpington, Cambridge, supplies tailor-made hob surrounds, countertops and tables for Hertfordshire-based coachbuilder Oakley, carrying out the installations off-site.

Regarded as the foremost horsebox builder in the world, exporting throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and the USA, Oakley supplies the leading names in show jumping, showing, eventing, dressage, horse racing, polo and driving. Its vehicles are also in service with most of the UK’s police forces and its recreational vehicles are used extensively in the world of motor racing.

Since each customer has individual requirements, Oakley horseboxes are custom-built, employing a thoroughbred mix of traditional skills and modern production techniques. The light, hardwearing and streamlined metal bodywork, light alloy frame and hand-built aluminium panels avoid excess weight and corrosion potential, in the interests of durability and maximum payload.

Separate hotel-class accommodation for crew boasts every modern facility, including central heating, power shower, dishwasher and washing machine, and a satellite TV. The fully-equipped kitchen and dining area features hand-stitched leather upholstery and Granite Transformations-clad worktops and movable dining tables. To find out why our finishing materials were selected for this unusual project, click here.

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