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Get the latest kitchen gadgets in time for Christmas

As Christmas is fast approaching, just over 60 days actually, you need to get your kitchen ready! That includes purchasing all the latest gadgets to make sure you are completely ready. We have listed our top 4 kitchen gadgets, that you need in time for Christmas, below:

Kenwood Chef Sense

Kneaded too much? Not whisked enough? Does this sound like your Christmas baking dramas? Don’t fret! Kenwood have saved the day with their new Chef Sense. It has been designed to take care of all your baking and cooking needs, from mixing, to kneading; whisking to beating. Want a stress free Christmas? Then invest in this product, as it is the perfect addition to the kitchen, for any home baker!

Ceramic Fondue Set

Tired of the typical table snacks available; crisps and dips, nuts, sausage rolls and scotch eggs? Then look no further than the a Fondue Set! It’s easy to prepare and share, whether your choice of fondue is chocolate or cheese! You can dip anything into the fondue, whether it's savoury or sweet treats, bread, vegetables or fruit. No more worrying about a suitable buffet spread for your guests, choose fondue! It’s the perfect treat for any guest to indulge on!

Kenwood Rapid Bread Maker

The smell of fresh bread in the morning is enough to start off your day the right way! Whether you're a beginner or expert, the Kenwood bread maker will always give you perfect results! Waking up on Christmas morning to fresh bread is a treat for all of the family.

The Kenwood artisan bread maker is top-of-the range, offering superb baking performance and versatility. The convection fan controls the temperature for an even bake and the rapid bread function can have a loaf baked and ready in under an hour. Its wide range of programs includes an automatic ingredients dispensing system that automatically opens and adds ingredients at exactly the right moment. Also, it offers 15 standard baking programmes and five more that you can set yourself, to time each baking stage - pre-heating, kneading, rising and baking.

If that isn’t enough, it even features a 15-hour delay timer that allows you to bake bread just in time for when you wake up or come home at the end of the day.

Smeg Retro Mini Bar Fridge

Fridge and freezer stacked with your Christmas necessities? Need some extra room for your drinks or food? Then, you can’t get much cuter than these 50’s style Smeg mini fridges. You have the choice of three colours, and it will brighten up any room! It is perfect for bedrooms, offices and man caves. How can you not want one? 

You can store up to 120 litres in capacity; 101 litres of fresh food and 13 litres of frozen food. There’s an adjustable thermostat, an ice cube tray, two adjustable glass shelves and one fruit and vegetable drawer. With a 50’s retro style aesthetic, it’s the perfect addition to your home this Christmas.

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