Easter Family 2

Easter Fun in the Kitchen

With the Easter bank holidays almost here, the long weekend provides an excuse for the extended family to get together and enjoy quality time.

With all of the family in one place there will be a lot of mouths to feed, so why don’t you them involved in cooking up an Easter feast?

Hot Crossed Buns

Traditionally hot crossed buns are eaten over the Easter period, to symbolise the end of Lent in the Christian calendar.

They are relatively easy to make and can be made with all the family using a similar recipe to a fruit teacake.The great thing about hot crossed buns is that they are so versatile, an alternative to your usual breakfast or an early afternoon snack, replace a scone in your afternoon tea to a hot cross bun, and don’t forget the butter!

Roast Lamb

Roast lamb is typically viewed as the main meal across the Easter weekend, as many Christians abscond from meat on Good Friday.

Teamed with rosemary, mint sauce and garlic this dish is unbeatable. The aromas are deliciously tempting, making mouths water for hours whilst the succulent meat slow cooks throughout the day until serving time.

Accompany the lamb with some lovely roasted vegetables and your on to a winner!

Chocolate Nests

To keep the kids entertained, and especially if you have lots of chocolate Easter Eggs laying around the house, why not melt the Easter Eggs to create chocolate nests.

Not only will this stop you snacking on all the chocolate around the house but children love baking. With spring well in season the chocolate nests mirror what is happening in nature. Whilst the chocolate nests are setting, get the kids to draw or paint a picture of the birds and their nests.

The kitchen doesn't just need to be a practical room necessary to survive, it should be the hub of the home, filled with life, noise and good food.

If you want to bring your kitchen to life, why don’t you check out what we can do to your kitchen.

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