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5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a focal point and well used room in your home and a refresh can make all the difference. Updating your bathroom doesn’t need to be a cost heavy  project, a few subtle touches can revitalise the space on a low cost budget.

As many of us use the bathroom as a place to take a soothing, relaxing bath after a stressful day, you should feel relaxed when you enter the room. A few tweaks can take your bathroom from boring and dull to bright and calming.

5 ways to refresh your bathroom on a budget

New Colour Scheme

Inject a new colour into your bathroom, by adding or replacing features such as towels, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. If you have a combination of painted wall and tiles wall try a new wall colour to make the room feel new. Lighter pastel colours makes a room feel open whereas deeper darker colours can make the room feel more enclosed.

Extra Lighting

The more light in a room, the bigger it feels. If you are hindered by a small bathroom window, consider adding spotlights to your bathroom ceiling. As spotlights do not take up much ceiling space but give off a lot of light, this will widen the room and also highlight areas you may have neglected when cleaning. A good deep clean, especially if you have a white bathroom suite, will help to reflect the light in the room.

Happy Tappy

Believe it or not but taps can make all the difference in a bathroom. If your taps are starting to look a bit dated or if rust is starting to take hold, why not get rid and chose a new, modern tap. A chrome finish can also help reflect the light and add a modern twist.

New Window Decoration

Do you have a blind, voils or a bare window in your bathroom? Whatever your bathroom window decoration entails, why not give it a refresh and update it? A change  in colour or a different type of window dressing may lift the entire room and give it a different feel.

Updated Flooring  

Similar to your window, a new flooring can make all the difference. Whether you prefer tiles, lino or laminate flooring , replacing an old and tired floor to a brand new floor can revitalise and refresh the room. As the floor space in a bathroom is usually small this can be a relatively cost effective update. Check out our range of luxurious and practical flooring options.

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