3 Simple Ways To Reset Your Kitchen In The New Year

At the start of every January we all start the big and frankly depressing task of taking down the Christmas decorations and tree. It’s an epic undertaking that can often leave the home feeling a little bare and dull, especially the kitchen.

During the Christmas festivities the kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only is it where you cook Christmas dinner, but it’s also where you enjoy a catch up with friends and family over a glass of wine or two, share laughs and enjoy the fun.

To inject new life into the kitchen and make it the heart of the home for the whole year we have 3 very simple ways for you to reset your kitchen in the New Year.

1.      Out with the old and in with the new

January is a dreary month, so instil light and freshness in your kitchen by getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.

Bringing in the new doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank and completely gutting your kitchen. Simple small changes will do the trick such as replacing all those old appliances with newer designs that reinvigorate your kitchen decor and investing in some clever and affordable kitchen gadgets and gizmos that modernise the space and how it functions.

Any old pots and pans that are no longer usable should also be ditched and replaced, as should any ageing crockery and utensils, particularly if you have them openly displayed on shelving and cabinetry.

2.     Update kitchen hardware

We’re continuously utilising kitchen cabinet, cupboard and drawer handles, pulls and door knobs when opening and closing doors, so it’s no surprise that they gradually become worn and tired looking.

The actual cabinet, cupboard or drawer may look fine itself, in which case you can always easily remove the existing kitchen hardware and affix a brand new handle, pull or door knob. It can give the relevant feature a second life.

If it’s the actual surface of the cabinet, cupboard or drawer that looks like it’s seen better days, just get it refaced rather replaced. Doing so will save you a fortune and have the same positive visual impact you would expect to be created by the installation of a new set of cabinets, cupboards and drawers.  Your other option is to give them a fresh lick of paint.

3.     Illuminate the space with new lighting

Once you have revitalised your kitchen it should be shown off to the maximum. If the kitchen is positioned so that it only receives a small quantity of natural sunlight during the day or if you’re keen to lavish it with light at night, you need to get your lighting exactly right.

If the kitchen tends to be the primary point of congregation when you’re entertaining family and friends think about using carefully spaced recessed lighting in the ceiling as it can create a calming ambience, yet still manages to light up the whole room. Alternatively, pendant lighting fitted above a kitchen island or dining table will offer a generous pool of light when socialising and dining.

Your lighting options are almost limitless, so assess all the solutions available and be imaginative.


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