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3 Affordable Ways To Transform Your Kitchen For Christmas

It’s never too early to start your Christmas planning, including deciding where you’re going to get together with those closest to you for the annual Christmas dinner.

If you love playing the festive host for friends and family there’s nowhere better to entertain your guests and dish out the turkey and trimmings than in the kitchen.

Make your kitchen the main epicentre of Christmas Day

The modern-day kitchen is a multi-functional space where everyone can congregate for dining, lounging and socialising - perfect for such special occasions.  
If your kitchen would benefit from a contemporary update before Santa hits his sleigh, without it eating into your Christmas budget too much, here are 3 simple and affordable ways you can do it:

1.      Upgrade handles and pulls

Sometimes all it takes is a few subtle alterations to transform the appearance of your kitchen and the addition of new hardware to your kitchen cabinetry will do just that.

New door knobs and drawer pulls can be bought at little expense and come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles. It’s also easy to remove tired looking kitchen hardware and put fresh looking replacements in place.

Whilst you obviously want any new handles or pulls to look stylish, it is equally important that  they provide suitable functionality, so don’t be purely swayed by appearance.
For a traditionally styled kitchen, pewter, nickel, and polished brass works particularly well, or try a glossy or metallic finish when updating within a modern kitchen design.

2.      Add colour with a splashback

Splashbacks have become a must-have item for the forward-thinking householder and are at the cutting edge of contemporary kitchen design.

Normally placed above a sink, cooktop or other benchtop space, a vibrant coloured splashback will become a main focal point of the room and freshen up the entire kitchen.

That fabulous finish won’t fade either as any splashes that hit the surface when cooking can easily be wiped away.

Splashbacks are also particularly good at reflecting natural light around the room, helping smaller kitchens feel more spacious than they actually are.

3.      Buy some new appliances

No kitchen can function properly without those essential kitchen appliances. The most obvious examples are the toaster, kettle, microwave, fridge, but the list is almost never-ending.

These appliances are a prominent feature of any kitchen and should be replaced at the soonest opportunity if they’re bringing down the appearance of your kitchen and/or not functioning as well as they once did.

Most modern kitchen appliances are elegantly designed and because of advances in technology, often more efficient and economical to run, helping the environment as well as your bank balance.


If you need assistance reviving your kitchen affordably in time for Christmas Day, CONTACT GRANITE TRANSFORMATIONS.



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