Benefits of...The top that fits on top

Our exclusive ‘top that fits on top’ concept means that you can have a kitchen
or bathroom makeover cheaper, quicker, brighter and with far less hassle than
any other method.

kitchen work surface

Cheaper than granite

The good news is that our work surfaces are more affordable than natural granite, yet outperform stone slabs in every direction. They have more flexural strength, resist the hard knocks and harsh treatment of household life, and don’t need routine maintenance.

kitchen work surface

Simple to install

Because our work surfaces are slim and lightweight, they don’t require heavy structural underpinnings and can be installed over existing surfaces. They are so simple and straightforward to install, most jobs take only a day or so in the hands of our expert fitters.

kitchen work surface

No household disruption

Having measured up in your home and made full-size templates, we fabricate worktops and other fittings off-site in our own workshop premises, then bring the material ready-to-fit. That means no mess, no dust and no disruption, just a clean and efficient installation process.

kitchen work surface

With added sparkle

Made from natural granite, quartz or recycled glass combined with super-strong polymer, then polished to a diamond finish, our work surfaces add instant luxury and sparkle to your home. Our ‘top that fits on top’ really does transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.