Transformations in and around the house

Virtually the only limit to the makeover possibilities in and around your home, is your imagination and the craftsmanship of our fitters. Don’t stop at your kitchen, keep the décor theme going in your utility or laundry room, with new countertops, updated storage units, even a handy wine rack.

Transform a humble outdoor building into a home office or poolside changing room, with purposeful, yet handsome floor and wall cladding. Update a canal boat or yacht with a new-look galley, taking advantage of the material’s extremely light weight, or refit a caravan, mobile or horsebox.

Our makeover products also lend themselves beautifully to commercial projects, from new-build to renovations.

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  • Our slimline material provides the perfect solution.

    For many decorative finishing projects, low material weight is an absolute priority. When fitting out yachts, canal boats, cruisers, motorhomes and caravans, extra unladen ballast can affect performance and create imbalance in the base structure. Similarly, treehouses, timber buildings, workshops and conservatories do not need additional stress on the frameworks and foundations. So our slimline material provides the perfect solution.

  • Endless scope for imaginative interior refits.

    The capacity to design beautiful custom interiors for waterborne, road-going, treetop and outdoor living areas depends upon the finishing material’s versatility, technical performance, ease of fitting and decorative potential. Our luxurious work surfaces offer endless scope for imaginative interior refits, particularly through their capacity for bonding onto virtually any substrate and delivering a high quality result that usually improves on the original finish.

  • A professional fit and finish that really lasts.

    We have carried out refits of boats, motorhomes, horseboxes, treehouses and licensed bars, as well as fabricating custom-built seating, desks and storage units. Combining the skills of our manufacturer-trained fitters and the superb quality of our materials results in a professional fit and finish that really lasts. Meeting internationally-accredited heat, water, impact, scratch and stain resistance standards, our surfaces withstand the rigours of the most demanding working conditions and resist the flexing and movement of mobile applications. All with an extended material warranty, even for commercial projects.