Classics & Remastered the marble effect

These naturalistic Trascenda patterns are based on the most precious varieties of marble quarried in Italy, without the high purchase cost and demanding maintenance requirements. Choose from classic designs like Carrara, with its greyish-white ground and feathery veins, or Calacatta, distinguished by its bolder veining and golden undertones. Like Italian marble, they have a timeless beauty, but are not prone to scratches or staining and can be readily used for worktops, splashbacks and seamless wall panels, even hard flooring.

The 3 variations of our classics & remastered the marble effect collection

It’s a very resilient product and we don’t have to maintain it at all. It looks good, the colour we chose blends in beautifully with the existing wood, and the finish introduces a modern, fashionable touch. The ‘green’ angle is appealing and it’s fitting that the material is made from recycled beer and wine bottles. What could be more apt

Alvin Michaels, Proprietor Bricklayer’s Arms

We recently did some work with Granite Transformations and I have to say they’re brilliant. This kind of clever product means that consumers can get better value fittings and, if you line the room with Granite Transformations surfaces, it looks amazing. It’s a really great product because it’s not cold, it’s very thin, and the beauty of it is that you get that granite look without the cost

Sarah Beeny, TV Property Guru

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